Advice on Intergovernmental Financing Arrangements

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in the following legislations;

Organic Law on Provincial & Local Level Governments (OLPLLG)

Section 117;

Intergovernmental Relations (Functions & Funding) Act 2009; and

National Economic & Fiscal Commission Act 2009.

1.2. Our Vision
We envisage a healthy, wealthy, wise and prosperous society for all Papua New Guineans through the fair and
equitable distribution of development opportunities and economic growth, no matter where they live.
1.3. Our Mission
To provide quality, independent and objective advice on economic and public policy issues to the National Govern-
ment as it relates to sub

national Financing & Funding arrangements.
1.4. Our Role
The overarching role of the NEFC is to provide advice to the government on intergovernmental financing. The
Commission is responsible for;

Assessing and monitoring the economic and fiscal policies of the National Government, Provincial Gov-
ernment and Local Level Governments;

Advise and recommend to the National Executive Council, appropriate economic policies; and

Make recommendations to the National Executive Council and to the National Parliament on the financial
arrangements and allocation of grants.
1.5. Our Values & Guiding Principles
Our values are important because they reflect our organizational culture and provide guiding principles to our staff
in their decision

making and behaviour. We believe that where and when we adhere to these values and princi-
ples, our work will be efficient and of high quality and stand

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